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Digital Transfers
This is the cheapest method for creating T-shirts. Digital printing is a basic printing technique. On the positive side, the printed design feels very smooth and light and can't be felt on the inside. But here are the negatives. Digital printing doesn't print white. Instead, the white elements in the design are replaced by the white or light background of the material. Therefore, only light textiles can be printed. Digital printing is the least durable print method. Dark areas, in particular, will fade somewhat. They need careful washing.

Flex print
Flex print is slick, smooth, shiny and elegant. It derives it's name from it's flexible properties and can take a fair amount of stretching before showing signs of damage. It is high quality, designed to last and will not fade. It is the most expensive of the three methods we mention here but the overall quality is worth it. SmartMunkee are rapidly adopting this as the print medium of choice.

Flock print
Flock print feels great: somewhat velvety and a bit elevated. It looks soft but is actually quite durable and does not fade. It won't tolerate abuse as much as Flex Print so you'll need to afford it a little more care and attention, but it should last a long time if treated well!

Wash Instructions flex and flock
Wash flock and flex prints at 30-40 inside out. Iron inside out, machine drying is fine.

Flex Print Flock Print Specialty Flex Print Digital Printing
flexprint flockprint specialtyflex digitaldirect
flex flock special digital
  • slightly shiny, smooth surface
  • extremely durable
  • up to 3 colors per design
  • velvety feel
  • extremely durable
  • up to 3 colors per design
  • smooth, glittery surface
  • extremely durable
  • 1 color per design
  • smooth surface
  • color intensity fades over time
  • for many colors and gradients
- Vibrancy: How vibrant do the colors appear?
print print print print
- Color resilience: How long does the print last?
print print print print
- Variety of colors: How many colors are available for this technique?
print print print print
- Available apparel: How many products are available for this technique?
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